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The Business in a Box

Everything you need to launch immediately

Why spend the unnecessary time crafting a business from scratch when you can launch immediately? The business in a box allows principal directors to begin trading immediately after the initial phase 1 of the induction and training programme with:

  • Full training and induction package
  • Exclusive territory of a minimum 10,000 pupils
  • Conexus on-line portal ‘Angus’
  • Online application form
  • Online registration
  • Online weekly reporting system to parents
  • Full invoicing and book keeping system
  • Policy documents for all aspects of the business
  • Contracts/SLA’s for your tutors
  • Fully managed and funded Google marketing campaign
  • Fully managed Social Media Platform and own website
  • Fully supported by our accountancy firm with tax returns and book keeping
  • Supply of marketing materials

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Why Become a Principal Director?


Sunday nights can be reclaimed!

Be under no illusion that running your own business is time consuming and can bring pressures that don’t come with a salaried role. However, it is exactly that – your business! You timetable your day, your working week – there are no bells. You truly can manage that work life balance we hear about all the time.

You have the time and luxury of being able to TEACH. You will run classes in which high skilled individuals will simply TEACH. Tuition does not involve: planning, marking at home, setting homework nor dealing with disaffected behaviour. Tuition is pure TEACHING.

You will be able to enjoy your free time and when talking about your ‘work’ you will be enthused and empowered about your business and the freedom it brings you.


Being a Conexus Principal Director enables you to work within a proven business model that can yield a substantial financial reward. A Conexus Principal can use the business to supplement additional income whilst still working within an establishment such as a school or alternatively the financial yields from simply 3 classes a week with 24 pupils far exceeds that of the average classroom teacher or middle manager.

The flexibility that comes with your income depends on your lifestyle choices and how many classes and the frequency with which you choose to run your sessions. Being a Conexus Principal Director can support your existing role or be a low risk, phased exit from ‘the’ classroom into ‘your’ classroom.


The fear of going it alone is removed. As the director of your own Limited Company you will still be operating within the security of an organisation that offers the experienced financial, legal and marketing support to help you through any bumps in the road. Our team is extensive, highly skilled and our role is to support, guide and advise you.

We have the team here to work with you to support with:

  • Marketing
  • Tax returns
  • Reporting to Parents
  • Invoicing
  • Risk Assessments and venue choices
  • Employment Law
  • Safeguarding
  • Assuring Quality
  • Curriculum Innovation and Change

A Winning

The demand for tuition has never been higher and with the rigor of the new GCSE exams, Key Stage 2 tests and the ever-increasing scramble for places in the independent sector, the places for your class will be sought after.

Yet parents will not compromise on quality. They will not pay if the progress is not evident and at Conexus we provide highly experience tutors who follow the curriculum of the pupils’ schools; weekly reports and the children enjoy coming to all the sessions.

Parents have moved to the model of small group tuition that provides multiple subjects at an affordable price; you will quickly be operating on a ‘waiting-list basis.’

This is a tried and tested business model that has been refined and modified over five years to produce a winning formula for successful practice, a standard of excellence and security for the investor.