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Hello everyone – as the new Principal Director of Conexus Tuition Altrincham I am really looking forward to getting to know the community as we hopefully move back to face -to-face sessions within the next few weeks! It will be really interesting to see the developments in face- to- face tuition, and I am pretty sure that by the start of the new academic year, if not a lot sooner, we will be ready and raring to go!
Since school closures and safe distancing measures were put in place, work at Altrincham Conexus has been forced away from our Bowdon venue and has moved online. Students at primary and secondary level have been supported since, through a variety of live teacher led sessions that have ensured the learning does not have to stop and can still be in the hands of experts. However, now that schools have re-opened, I am hopeful that we can once again meet face- to -face for that all-important interaction and connection which has been so sorely missed in all areas of our lives.

Online lessons so far have covered the 11+ and entrance exams, reading skills for years 7, 8 and 9 and also GCSE content for year 10s faced with a 4 month gap in their education at such a vital time. One GCSE English lesson analysed how both tabloid and broadsheet newspapers have reported the coronavirus crisis: interesting reading!

We will be making arrangements for – to- face tuition at a central venue as soon as we can, and will keep you updated via our Facebook page – please follow us for the latest information!
For more information call Rebecca on 07946636009, drop me a message via the Facebook page or email me on

weekly classes


Maximum 6 Students Per Group

Our primary teams are vibrant, enthusiastic and energetic with a genuine love of teaching. Your child may have a life-long relationship with tutors and it is so crucial to get it right for the outset.

Yr 6 Bridging the Gap into Yr 7


Maximum 6 Students Per Group

We offer exam focused tuition specific to your childs’ examination board, we work with mark schemes and model for your child how to maximise the marks in their exams. It is all about technique. The important thing to remember is that with our focused tuition the increase in marks could make a significant difference to the outcome. It is never too late.

English, Maths & Science

Back to Basics English, Maths & Science Y7 & Y8

11+ and Entrance Exams

Maximum 6 Students Per Group

At Conexus Tuition we have a wealth of resources and a curriculum designed to cover the requirements of the 11+.  These are bespoke lessons for your child and additional support packs for home learning and practice.

11+ Tuition


Maximum 6 Students Per Group

Our most successful approaches to A level tuition have been our ‘Bridging the Gap’ sessions with year 12. There can be huge gaps in learning between year 11 and year 12 and the leap for GCSE to A level can often leave young people floundering.