Where are we based?

The Quaker Meeting House
83 Park Road South
Birkenhead Prenton,

CH43 4UU

Tranmere Rovers Recreation Centre
Prenton Road
Birkenhead Wirral

When are classes on?

Monday - Tranmere Rovers


Wednesday - Quaker

4.15pm - 6.15pm

Thursday - Quaker


Tuesday - Tranmere Rovers

KS2 Literacy & Numeracy TBC

Thursday - Tranmere Rovers


Friday - Quaker


Online classes

Wednesday - A Level Biology


Meet the Principal

Mark Hillhouse
Birkenhead Principal Director

Tuition We Offer

  • GCSE
  • English Language
  • English Literature
  • Maths
  • Science(Combined & Triple)
  • Literacy and Numeracy
  • A Level

Contact Mark for more information about tuition.

Where our classes are in Birkenhead

Conexus Tuition Birkenhead offers, exam focused tuition to
students of all ages and abilities. We cover the areas of:

  • Bidston
  • Prenton
  • Tranmere
  • Rock Ferry
  • Oxton
  • Noctorum
  • Claughton

Meet the Team

My name is Mark Hillhouse and I am proud to be the Principal Director of Conexus Tuition Birkenhead.

Conexus Tuition was founded in Warrington, Cheshire in 2013 by Sharon Cawley and has gone from strength to strength, so much so the Conexus brand has gone nationwide.

My career began in September 1989 when I became an apprentice Mechanical Engineer within the Aerospace industry, spending most of my time on the shop floor with one day a week at college learning and studying my trade over four years until I was qualified.

I enjoyed a successful career spanning over 25 years in industry but working long hours and various shift patterns kept me away from my sons. I decided on a change of career in 2017, a change that would allow me to spend more time with my family.

I took up a tutoring role in a local college passing on my knowledge and developing young people’s skills in different aspects of Engineering.

It was from my position within the college that I met Sharon Cawley and during a conversation the word tuition came up as my eldest son had just completed eighteen months tuition for his 11plus, which he successfully passed.

On reflection I knew first-hand the positive effect tuition can have on young learners and how education plays a huge role in developing children not only academically but also socially.
It was in the spring of 2019 that I made the decision to purchase my own Conexus Tuition Franchise.

Since my launch in September 2019 I have enjoyed every aspect of it, January 2020 has proved to be a positive start to the year, I am now looking forward to the developments of adding more venues and classes and supporting the children of Birkenhead to be the best that they can be.

News and Events

Hi Parents,

When I launched Conexus Tuition Birkenhead back in September 2019, I wanted to provide the highest possible educational support to all the families we work with at affordable prices.

2020 was a very tough year for everyone. No one could have ever predicted what we have all had to endure since that fateful March, now here we are into spring of 2021, keeping positive and building on better foundations.

One of the major criticisms of tuition in the past, is that it widens the gap between the ‘haves and have nots.’ Traditionally, tuition was the reserve of the elite and as such excluded the pupils who very often needed it the most. At the same time government run programmes for the ‘disadvantaged’ also created a stigma.

At Conexus Tuition Birkenhead our vision is to remove that stigma at all ends of the socio-economic spectrum through inclusive tuition.

Since becoming an approved NTP Partner it has enabled us to work with our local schools and support many pupils. We can combine all learners in an inclusive session within our school based and private venues. We think that we might for the first time see the blend that could make this very powerful.

With only qualified teachers as our tutors, all delivering subject specific tuition, 2021/22 could be the year when we get our continuity back.

We are not just delivering group tuition but Conexus group tuition; Exam focused small group tuition, which sets pupils based upon the examination boards that they are sitting and targets within that group how to maximise the marks in the exam. Our core model also allows us to cover more than one subject in the same amount of time, for example English, maths and science can be covered in one session making this both productive to the child and cost effective to you the parents.

If you think our group sessions could help support your child on the next step in their learning journey, please contact us today.
Now enrolling for a September relaunch venue based.